Shadow T. rex

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An eerie quiet falls in the prehistoric jungle. Not a creature stirs. The air hangs thick and heavy. Under a dense tree canopy, a new predator stalks…Shadow T. rex moves in silence, stealthy in the fading light. Terror awaits in the dark!

An exclusive black T. rex toy with haunting, lifelike texture and a spine-tingling snarl, this special-edition Shadow T. rex prowls into the Schleich Dinosaurs collection for a limited time only!

Features and Benefits

  • Special Limited Edition. Hunted by dino enthusiasts, Shadow T. rex is a timeless collectible…but he'll soon vanish like a shadow in the dark of night. Catch him before he fades into legend!
  • Frighteningly Realistic & Detailed. So lifelike, other dinosaur toys run for cover when Shadow T. rex prowls into the room…let's get outta here!        
  • Built for Survival. Meteors and volcanos spelled doom for dinosaurs, but they're no match for this prehistoric predator: Schleich toys are tough enough for any extinction event.
  • Grow Your Dino Collection. Shadow T. rex is part of the expanding Schleich Dinosaurs collection, a theme world erupting with dino adventure sets, dino research stations, and realistic dinosaur toys.         
  • Rare Dinosaur Gifts for Kids. The fiery glow of candles on a birthday cake lures the Shadow T. rex…will he blow out the candles, or stomp on the cake? Makes a great T. rex gift for kids and dino enthusiasts ages 5 and up.

A sunless forest. A blanket fort. A kitchen pantry. Wherever darkness creeps, Shadow T. rex lurks. And like any good story, intrigue runs deep: Where did this jet black dinosaur come from? Why has it emerged from the shadows now? Has it come alone? What stories are shrouded in this darkness? The story is yours to tell!

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